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Our Solutions

Solutions Made for Aging Well

At Motum, we focus on the delivery of innovative products and services that enhance independence, security, confidence and quality of life for seniors.

We accomplish this through assistive technologies and services that not only serve seniors directly, but also provide feedback and insights to their entire support network of family and professional caregivers.

Motum's health and safety solutions are designed to be proactive, not reactive.  While we're driven by leading edge technologies, we believe in an old saying: "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."


It Begins With a Step


Mobility is pivotal to independence, social engagement and mental health. Unfortunately, 40% of American seniors report mobility challenges. One in four of them uses one or more mobility aids - 13 million people.

Motum's services begin with an advanced mobility aid that makes it easier to walk and harder to fall. Patented kinematic and biomechanical innovations provide dramatic new ease, leverage and stability, while directly addressing the key fall hazards of the conventional cane.  


While the user walks, onboard sensors track the movement, speeds and rhythms of the mobility aid, along with force and angles of pressure, durations, distances, patterns and more. Tactile and visual cues help coach better balance and mobility.


The sensor information is automatically sent to Motum's machine-learning Insight Engine via built-in cellular capabilities.  With virtually no user effort, Motum keeps track of fall risk and other wellness trends, triggering proactive notifications and interventions when called for.

Staying Secure

Athough most seniors dislike them, mobile Personal Safety and Emergency Response (mPERS) pendants are a mainstay for many who are aging in place.  These reactive panic buttons connect to professionally monitored call centers, providing a level of comfort for both the senior and their caregivers.

Motum's intelligent mobility aid includes a discreet cellular safety button with 2-way voice and location tracking. When the button is activated, the Motum service provides multi-tiered call routing.  This allows emergency response calls to be dynamically routed to the right person based on time of day and caregiver availability -- while also backstopped by a professionally monitored call center.


Prior to the need for a safety call, Motum continually scans new information regarding the senior's wellness. This helps identify trends or events that care managers can use to make informed decisions and proactively engage before a potential issue becomes a health or safety event.



Staying Healthy

The state of "aging well" spans a broad range of objective, subjective, and external variables.  Beyond the vital signs, additional criteria such as activity level, fall risk, nutrition, hydration, and sleep quality, among others, are important in developing a holistic view of overall senior well-being.

Subjective criteria also plays in important role in identifying changes in emotional, mental and behavioral health, and overall wellness.  Care managers often use questionnaires and their interactions with seniors to identify concerning events or trends, but the ad hoc nature of the interactions often miss critical details.


Motum's service helps caregivers build Proactive Care Management solutions by tailoring and automating the collection of objective health measurements and by providing configurable questionnaires delivered through interactive voice response (IVR) and other means.  Motum's Insight Engine mines the responses, sending proactive notifications and alerts to the senior's care network. This allows for coaching, intervention and timely action.

Open, Extensible, Always Learning

Motum is designed for easy integration with existing care management and remote monitoring systems, and can ingest information from a broad variety of biometric and domotic data sources. Motum's Insight Engine serves up proactive insights, risk alerts, and information for informed action, whether it's for managing a chronic condition, keeping track of medication adherence, or just seeking to enhance activity and social connection.

Leveraging the power of machine learning  and orchestrated by Proactive Care Modules, Motum's Insight Engine tracks and trends health, wellness and mobility information, and produces mobility and fall risk assessments, as well as notifications and alerts to the senior's network of caregivers.

Insight Engine.JPG
Motum's Open Platform Services

Together, Motum's solutions reduce the risk of falling, enable professional and non-professional caregivers to proactively support seniors aging in place, while also providing a safe and secure way to request help.


Best of all, these solutions allow seniors to age well!.

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