Aging Well With Motum:

It begins with a step.

What We Do


Motum was founded on the principle of "aging well." Using seamless, virtually transparent technologies, we focus on solutions that allow seniors to remain independent, while at the same time equipping them and their caregivers with the tools to proactively engage and intervene when their health and wellness are at risk.

How It Works

Aging well is a fundamental goal for seniors, their family members and their caregivers. The cornerstone of aging well is the ability to remain independent. Senior independence depends on feeling safe and secure, keeping socially engaged, managing health and wellness, and staying safely mobile.


By combining machine learning with advanced assistive technologies, Motum proactively informs seniors and their care network about health, wellness and mobility changes that could negatively impact their lives. 

Next-Gen Safety

Proactive intelligence and advanced emergency response for both family caregivers and care professionals.

Smart Assistance

Assistive products and services that make mobility easier and help prevent falls, for greater security, independence and quality of life.​

Unique Insights

Machine learning analytics for wellness and independent ability, integrated with remote monitoring and telehealth systems.



Smart Mobility Aids

Fall risk assessment/prediction

Mobility health analytics

Anti-fall walking assistance

Balance and mobility coaching

Wellness Monitoring

Transparent remote monitoring 

Tracks changes in living pattern

Proactive intelligence and alerts

Compatible with existing systems

Social Tools

Check-ins for wellness

Nudges and reminders

Behavioral health assessments

Family engagement tools 

Personal Safety & Emergency Response

Cellular mPERS

Panic Button  

2-way voice 

Tiered alerts​

Proactive Care by Motum

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