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Care Management

Care Management

that is
Passive, Predictive and Proactive

What We Do


Motum provides innovative, proactive care management services that allow seniors and those living with life-limiting conditions to Age Well.


We do this through passive, predictive, and proactive monitoring services to individuals and their caregivers via an intelligent virtual care assistant that is always analyzing, learning and engaged.

How It Works

The Cornerstone of Aging Well is the ability to remain independent.

Independence relies on

  • Managing Health & Wellness

  • Feeling Safe & Secure

  • Restorative Sleep

  • Remaining Mobile

  • Staying socially engaged

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Maintaining independence often takes a village of both professional and non-professional caregivers who themselves are already overloaded, partially informed and occasionally engaged.  All to often, intervention comes late resulting in unnecessary office visits and trips to the hospital.

Traditional Care Assistants Often Need an Assistant

Introducing Alice


Motum's Virtual Care Management Assistant.

  • Passively monitors at-risk individuals

  • Utilizes Machine Intelligence to continuously track sleep, mobility and other important health measurements.

  • Proactively alerts and reminds caregivers and at-risk individuals of health and wellness risks through conversational A.I.

  • Provides a safety net during adverse events



Activity level, type & duration

Variations in living patterns

Fall risk assessment

Mobility health trends



2-way voice

Tiered alerts (family, call center)

Location tracking

Wellness virtual check-in's



Passive remote monitoring

Nudges and reminders

Medication Adherence

Behavioral health assessments

Family engagement tools 



Sleep quality & duration

Nighttime bed in/out tracking

Continuous vital signs monitoring

Full sleep analysis

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